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Posted on the August 25th, 2009 under General by rishir is a New Delhi-based startup that offers an online platform for CAT and other MBA related exam preparations. According to, the website has already attracted 20,000 registered users since its launch in February 2009. Currently, the website is claimed to receive about 3.5 lakh page views and 60,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis. Recently, the website added an online dictionary, a detailed ‘word of the day‘ feature and a complete knowledge base for CAT aspirants.

CAT and other similar competitive exams

Posted on the August 18th, 2009 under General by rishir

Though the Common Aptitude Test is considered the mother of all competitive exams, there are many other exams worth their mettle. These exams are quite similar to the CAT with only minor peculiarities. Some of these exams are:

1. IIFT: (Exam Date: Nov 22, 2009. Peculiarity: General Knowledge)
Static and current GK questions are asked. One interesting feature is that most of these questions appear in a table form, and you need to match the columns correctly.