Online CAT exam discriminatory

Posted on the September 9th, 2009 under CAT by rishir

NEW DELHI: Disabled people today raised objections to the decision making CAT exams for admission to IIMs online, alleging that the move was a “discrimination” against them.

“The decision is a huge discrimination towards the disabled people and the Centre must intervene,” Javed Abidi, Director of National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People, said here.

He said they had sent letters to IIM authorities and also to the Ministry of Human Resource Development in this regard. “We are waiting for their reactions and we will take measures after that.

“Why IIMs have not allowed the use of screen reader, abacus, adaptive mouse and keyboards during the examinations. With these devices, the disabled people won’t have to depend on another person while giving the paper,” he said.

He claimed the biggest discrimination against these people is that they cannot choose the day, time and location of the test.

Source: TheEconomicTimes

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