Want to do self-study for CAT 2009?

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When it comes to preparing for a tough entrance exam such as CAT, how should an MBA aspirant go about it? What management entrance exam preparation books should one study, how to keep oneself motivated?

In this article, Manish Saraf, COO, PT Education provides extensive guidance to the aspirants opting for the self-study mode of CAT exam preparation. He suggests the names of the important management entrance exam preparation books for the different sections, on time management as well as PT Education’s postal services on CAT exam materials.

Let’s start with what Saraf has to recommend for the Verbal Ability section and then move on to Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section.

Books, Media & Guide for Verbal Ability section:
•         ‘High School English Grammar and Composition’ by Wren and Martin.
•         ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis.
•         ‘Verbal Ability’ by Arun Sharma.
•         ‘A Communicative Grammar of English’ by Geoffrey Leech.
•         ‘A Word A Day: A Romp through Some of the Most Unusual and Intriguing
•         Words in English’ by Anu Garg.
•         ‘Business English and Communication’ by Clark Grade C.
•         ‘All about Words’ by Rosenblum and Nurenberg.
•         ‘30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary’ by Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis.
•         The GRE and GMAT exam preparation books like ‘Kaplan GRE Verbal’, ‘Princeton GRE Verbal’, ‘Princeton GRE Verbal’ and ‘Kaplan GMAT Verbal’.
•         Magazines:  ‘Business and Management Chronicle’ by Chronicle Publications, ‘Business Line’ by The Hindu Group, ‘Competition Success Review’, ‘Business Today’ by India Today Group, ‘Business World’
•         Newspapers: The Hindu, The Times of India, Economic Times, The Statesman.
•         A pocket-size dictionary – which truly is the best investment.
•         ‘Chapter-wise 12 Years Solved Paper’ by Disha Publications
•         ‘CAT Topic-wise 15 year Solved Papers’ by Disha Publications

Books & Guides for Quantitative Ability Section:
•         The NCERT Maths Books of class 8 to 10
•         Any one of Objective Arithmetic, Mathematics for MBA, Quantitative Techniques all by R.S. Agarwal
•         ‘How To Prepare For Quantitative Aptitude For The CAT’ by Arun Sharma (TATA-McGraw Hill publications).
•         ‘Quantitative Aptitude for CAT’ by Nishit Sinha (Pearson publications)
•         ‘Quantum CAT’ by Sarvesh Kumar Verma (Arihant publication)
•         ‘Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Examinations’ by Abhijit Guha (TATA-McGraw Hill publications).

Books & Guide for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section:
•         ‘How to prepare for the Data Interpretation for CAT’ by TATA-McGraw Hill publications.
•         ‘How to prepare for the Data Interpretation for CAT’ by Arihant Prakashan.
•         ‘Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning’ by R.S. Agarwal (S. Chand and Sons publications).
•         ‘Course In Mental Ability and Quantitative Aptitude’ by Edgar Thorpe.
•         ‘Analytical and Logical Reasoning’ by B.S. Sijwali (Arihant publications).
•         ‘Reasoning and DI for MBA Exam’ by Arun Sharma.
•         ‘Fundamental of Reasoning: A Logic Book’ by Robert M. Johnson.

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