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Though the Common Aptitude Test is considered the mother of all competitive exams, there are many other exams worth their mettle. These exams are quite similar to the CAT with only minor peculiarities. Some of these exams are:

1. IIFT: (Exam Date: Nov 22, 2009. Peculiarity: General Knowledge)
Static and current GK questions are asked. One interesting feature is that most of these questions appear in a table form, and you need to match the columns correctly.

2. JMET: (Exam Date: Dec 13, 2009. Peculiarity: Higher Math)
Since JMET is meant for engineers, there are several questions on Higher Math. Questions on Limits, Derivatives, Integration, Matrices and Vector Algebra are common.

3. SNAP: (Exam Date: Dec 20, 2009. Peculiarity: General Awareness) Questions range from areas of Business to Science.

4. XAT: (Probable exam date: Jan, 10 2010. Peculiarity: Questions on Management Decision Making)

Three things differentiate XAT from other exams: 1. Progressive negative marking (-0.33 for the first five errors in each section, and -0.5 for any mistake thereafter), 2. The Management Decision Making Questions and 3. The Essay to be written at the end of 2 hours.

The Decision making questions in the XAT are short case studies. A small case is described – either a complex business situation or a complex human life situation – followed by either a single question or 2 or 3 questions. Options ask you to choose the correct course of action or the decision after analysing the situation.

5. CET: (Probable exam date: Feb 14, 2010.Peculiarity: Syllogisms, Visual Reasoning)

CET differs from other exams in 3 ways: 1. There are no Sections 2. There are no negative marks. 3. Emphasis on Visual Reasoning and other logic questions. Question types like Puzzles, Syllogisms, Decision Making, Sequential Output Tracing and Visual Reasoning questions are found only in CET. The 30 questions on Visual Reasoning are questions based on pictorial logic. You are given a set of figures that are bound by some logic. You need to understand this logic and choose the correct option.

Apart from the above, NMAT (Probable Date: Dec 27, 2009) and FMS (Probable Date: Jan 17, 2010) are other two important exams.

- Manish Salian, Head – Academics, Faculty – Quant, DI and Reasoning, CPLC

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