CAT 2009 Notification: 10 Things that every serious MBA aspirant must remember

Posted on the August 30th, 2009 under CAT by rishir editorial team read and re-read the CAT Notification and Registration Process documents and found out a few things that MBA aspirants ought to pay close attention to. Read on for a smoother ride on your Road to CAT 2009.

1. What’s your Email ID? “Prospective candidates must maintain a valid email account throughout the selection process,” say You will need to submit this email id at the time of registration. This email account will become the only link between you and IIMs. The admit card will be sent to you as an email on your this email address, after you have filled in your online application and scheduled a test. It is therefore, mandatory for you to have a valid email account throughout the process.We at recommend that your get a new Gmail ID (it is safe and stable!) dedicated only for registration process for CAT 2009. Don’t give this id to too many people and websites so that it remains clean of spams and unwanted clutter. Note down and keep its details like password carefully, and check this periodically.

2. Download ‘Registration Instructions & Manual for CAT 2009’ and ‘CAT 2009 FAQs’. Given the massive rush of visitors on, it can be temporarily unavailable sometimes. So it’s a good idea to save these documents on your desktop. Even take a printout and keep them handy for reference.

Link to Registration Instruction & Manual:

CAT 2009 FAQs:

3. Buy the CAT Voucher early: Early bird catches the worms! So make sure you queue up at the nearest Axis Bank and buy the Voucher. Sale starts on September 9. Link has details of AXIS bank locations.

4. Register online early and schedule your exam location ASAP: Online registration for CAT 2009 will also begin on Wednesday, 9 September 2009 and end on Thursday, 1 October 2009. Yes, you can choose a test date, test time, and venue across thirty cities all over India. But only subject to availability! So it is in your best interest to schedule your exam ASAP. Naturally, choose exam center that is in your city or closest your city.

5. Choose your exam time carefully: This is an important step!

A typical testing day for CAT will have 2 exam sessions. Candidates are allowed to schedule for any one of the sessions, subject to availability. Session timings are as follows:
Session 1: Testing will begin at 10 AM and end at 12:30 PM. Candidate check-in will commence from 8 AM. Candidates are required to arrive at the test center no later than 8:30 AM.
Session 2: Testing will begin at 3:30 PM and end at 6 PM. Candidate check-in will commence from 1:30 PM. Candidates are required to arrive at the test center no later than 2:00 PM.

So, ask yourself: Are you a morning person or do you come to life only when sun gets really hot! Also, if you are taking exam outside of your city, choosing Session 2 is a better choice.

6. Reach exam venue 2 hours in advance:

IIMs and its testing agency Prometrics are very strict about this. “You must arrive two hours before your scheduled appointment. This allows time for you to sign in and for staff to verify your identification and documentation. If you fail to arrive on time you will not be allowed to take the CAT,” says Take this deadline seriously please.

7. Do you have a valid Photo ID? Else apply now!

IIMs say that you must present a valid (nonexpired) form of photo identification before you can test. Acceptable forms of photo identification include: driver’s license; passport; PAN card; voter ID; college ID; employee identification card; or a notarized Affidavit with photo, signature, date of birth and residential address.

It’s a good idea to check these documents before hand, and apply now. Also, if you have any doubts carry more than one id.

8. Retain your documents carefully:

a. Bank ‘Pay-in-slip’ while buying CAT voucher.

b. CAT Voucher

c. CAT Admit Card: Take a printout and keep it safely for reference. You are also required to take a print out of the Admit Card to bring with you to the test centre.

9. Familiarize yourself with Computer based testing: Take the online and computer based test as much as you can. Sample official mock CAT is available at

All major coaching centers and online testing platforms have free and paid mock tests. Read links for more.

Source: MBA Universe

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